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Davie M. Kadyampakeni

Associate Professor, Citrus Water and Nutrient Management
Citrus Research and Education Center

Program Areas

  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:


    • Soil and Water Management and conservation
    • Nutrient management
    • Irrigation and drainage management
    • Water and nutrient best management practices
    • Crop production
    • Soil and crop modeling

    Research focus:

    1) Develop and implement sustainable strategies that optimize water management for citrus production, conservation of water, and water quality.

    2) Conduct research to improve water use efficiency in citrus production systems, minimizing water quality degradation, and maximizing productivity.

    3) Develop local and regional water use models taking into consideration citrus planting systems, tree water requirements, irrigation scenarios, and water use for cold protection.

    4) Apply precision agricultural technologies for local and regional water management.

    5) Develop best management practices for water conservation and quality maintenance for surface and ground water sources.

  • Extension

    My extension program focuses on improving water use efficiency and irrigation management in citrus production systems and implementation of best water and nutrient management practices.


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Curriculum Vitae

CV Davie Kadyampakeni

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Citrus Research and Education Center
700 Experiment Station Rd. 
Lake Alfred, FL 33850

(863) 956-8843