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Jack E. Rechcigl

Professor and Center Director, Soil Fertility and Water Quality

Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

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Soil fertility for pasture grasses and legumes that evaluates the impact of fertilizers on surface and ground water quality. Determines fertilizer requirements for tropical grasses with emphasis on sustainable agriculture.


Select Publications
  • Pant, H. K., M. B. Adjei, and J. E. Rechcigl. 2004. Agricultural catchments and water quality: a phosphorus enigma. J. Food Agric. Environ. 2:360-363.
  • Pant, H. K., P. Mislevy, and J. E. Rechcigl. 2004. Effects of phosphorus and potassium on forage nutritive values and quantity: environmental implications. Agron. J. 96:1299-1305. 
  • Pant, H. K., J. E. Rechcigl, and M. B. Adjei. 2003. Carbon sequestration in wetlands: concept and estimation. J. Food Agric. Environ. 1:3 08-313..
  • Boruvka, L., and J. E. Rechcigl. 2003. Phosphorus retention by the Ap horizon of a spodosol as influenced by calcium amendments. Soil Sci. 168:699-706.
  • Adjei, M. B. and J. E. Rechcigl. 2002. Bahiagrass production and nutritive value as affected by domestic wastewater residuals. Agron. J. 94:1400-1410.
  • Rechcigl, J. E., R. S. Kalmbacher and F. G. Martin. 2002. Phosphorus and potassium fertilization of Aeschynomene and Stylosanthes. Soil and Crop Sci. Soc. Florida Proc: 61:81-84.
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