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Jack E. Rechcigl

Professor and Center Director, Soil Fertility and Water Quality
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
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Program Areas

  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:

    Research focus:
    Soil fertility for pasture grasses and legumes that evaluates the impact of fertilizers on surface and ground water quality. Determines fertilizer requirements for tropical grasses with emphasis on sustainable agriculture.


  • Selected Publications
    • Pant, H. K., M. B. Adjei, and J. E. Rechcigl. 2004. Agricultural catchments and water quality: a phosphorus enigma. J. Food Agric. Environ. 2:360-363.
    • Pant, H. K., P. Mislevy, and J. E. Rechcigl. 2004. Effects of phosphorus and potassium on forage nutritive values and quantity: environmental implications. Agron. J. 96:1299-1305. 
    • Pant, H. K., J. E. Rechcigl, and M. B. Adjei. 2003. Carbon sequestration in wetlands: concept and estimation. J. Food Agric. Environ. 1:3 08-313..
    • Boruvka, L., and J. E. Rechcigl. 2003. Phosphorus retention by the Ap horizon of a spodosol as influenced by calcium amendments. Soil Sci. 168:699-706.
    • Adjei, M. B. and J. E. Rechcigl. 2002. Bahiagrass production and nutritive value as affected by domestic wastewater residuals. Agron. J. 94:1400-1410.
    • Rechcigl, J. E., R. S. Kalmbacher and F. G. Martin. 2002. Phosphorus and potassium fertilization of Aeschynomene and Stylosanthes. Soil and Crop Sci. Soc. Florida Proc: 61:81-84.
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