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Yang Lin

Assistant Professor, Soil Health
The Lin Lab

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    Soils are complex systems that offer irreplaceable services and benefits to human societies. Soil systems contain many components including mineral particles, water, air, and organisms that constantly interact with each other. I am interested in understanding how these interactions regulate the resilience and vulnerability of soils in response to disturbances such as tillage and rising temperature. I am studying how to integrate the rapidly increasing amount of soil data to aid land management and fight climate change. My past research touched on topics including soil carbon persistence and decomposition, coupled soil carbon-nutrient cycling, soil mapping, and biogeochemical implications of climate change and land use. I am looking for graduate students (MS and PhD) who will start in Fall 2020. Please check out my personal site for more information including my mentoring statement.


  • Selected Publications
    • Gross A*, Lin Y*, Weber PK, Pett-Ridge J, and Silver WS. (2019) The role of soil redox conditions in microbial phosphorus cycling in humid tropical forests. Ecology, in press.
      *, equal contribution
    • Lin Y, Slessarev EW, Yehl S, D’Antonio CM, and King JY. (2019) Long-term nutrient fertilization increased soil carbon storage in California grasslands. Ecosystems 22, 754-766.
    • Lin Y, King JY, Karlen SD, and Ralph J. (2018) Short-term facilitation of microbial litter decomposition by ultraviolet radiation. Science of the Total Environment 615, 838–848.
    • Lin Y, Prentice SE, Tran T, Bingham NL, King JY, and Chadwick OA. (2016) Modeling deep soil properties on California grassland hillslopes using LiDAR digital elevation models. Geoderma Regional 7, 67–75.
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Dr. Yang Lin


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