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Cheryl Mackowiak

Associate Professor, Nutrient Management and Water Quality
North Florida Research and Education Center
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Program Areas

  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:

    Research focus:
    Studies elemental (N, P, C) cycling in soils under perennial pasture-hay cropping systems and soil fertility requirements for nutrient best management practice (BMP) advancement. Research emphasizes the development of soil nutrient management strategies for improving soil and water quality and soil assimilative capacity for municipal and agronomic wastes.

  • Extension

    The intent of my extension program is to promote good soil stewardship and provide an understanding and appreciation of soil fertility and its interaction with other environmental influences on plant mineral nutrition.


  • Select Publications
    • Mackowiak, C.L, P.R. Grossl, and K.L. Cook. 2005. Iodine toxicity in a plant-solution system with
      and without humic acid. Plant and Soil. 269:141-150.
    • Mackowiak, C.L, M.C. Amacher, J.O. Hall, and J.R. Herring. 2004. Uptake of selenium and other contaminant elements into plants and implications for grazing animals in southeast Idaho. In J.R. Hein (ed), Life cycle of the Phosphoria Formation: from deposition to the post-mining environment. Handbook of Exploration Geochemistry, Vol. 8. Elsevier Science, New York.
    • Mackowiak, C.L., P.R. Grossl, and B.G. Bugbee. 2001. Beneficial effects of humic acid on micronutrient availability to wheat. SSSAJ. 65:1744-1750.
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Cheryl Mackowiak UF/IFAS Soil and Water Sciences


North Florida Research and Education Center
University of Florida
155 Research Rd.   
Quicy, FL  32351

(850) 875-7126
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